Water Damage VA

Different Categories of Water Damage

Water damage va can be caused by several reasons: clogged toilets, leaks in the plumbing systems, broken pipes, washing machines that overflow, leaky dishwashers or broken dishwasher hoses, foundation cracks and leaky roofs. Such seemingly small damages can cause a greater water damage to your home. Too much water, especially from floods or heavy rains, can also cause water damage in basement areas.

Cleanup of water damaged homes, repair, and restoration can, and should only be done by professionals to save furniture, appliances, carpets and other items as well as ensure the building integrity of your home. Water damage restoration experts will assess and classify water damage under the following categories:

Category 1: Clean Water

If you have a broken sink or broken appliances, then you may have water damage in this category. This category, however, does not create a danger or threat to the health of people residing in the home. It may only damage furniture, appliances, carpets and the likes.

Category 2: Gray Water

Gray water is contaminated water. The water contains microorganisms that pose health risks. Sump pumps and toilets that are broken can cause gray water. Seepage in plumbing can also be a cause for category 2 damage.

Category 3: Black Water

Black water is unsanitary which can cause sicknesses and disease. Sewage problems and contaminated standing water cause this category of water damage.
The assessment will help water damage va restoration experts identify the kind of water removal, repair and restoration techniques to use. The levels of damage are also identified in three classes, namely:

­ Class 1: Least Damage

This is the easiest class of damage to restore as it has incurred the least damage. Little water is absorbed and can easily be taken out.

­ Class 2: Normal Damage

This means that the damaged materials will take greater effort to repair and restore. For instance, cushions and carpets are deeply soaked and fast evaporation is required.

­ Class 3: Maximum Damage

When the whole house is soaked, for example from overhead sprinklers, walls and furniture may suffer maximum damage. Va water damage experts applies the fastest rate of evaporation in the restoration process.

­ Class 4: Extreme Damage

Hardwood or concrete floors, plasters and walls can be very drenched in water. When the water damage is Class 4, it will require special procedures in water removal and restoration.

Restoring water damage va is a complicated but very advantageous process, especially for the homeowner. When the right materials, equipment, and procedures are utilized people will be able to save their belongings and have their homes restored to their former condition or even better. When homes are not restored immediately from the effects of water damaged, not only are they unsafe to live in but they may also be condemned. Water restoration experts will help you not only assess damages to your property but implement a water removal and restoration plan. Water damage and mitigation in Virginia specialize in extenuating the effects and severity of the harm caused by water damage.

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