Water Damage Sterling VA

Different Types of Water Damage

The homeowners affected by water damage, Sterling VA can now rest easy with the knowledge of a professional home restoration team just a phone call away. Water damage can seriously affect the foundation of your home and bring harm to its inhabitants. When you incorrectly assess the sources of water that has damaged your property, you may be unknowingly making you and your family sick when you try to touch these damaged items. Disaster Response Inc. can perform a professional assessment that identifies the source of the water damage and provide ideas on how to mitigate future water damage, Sterling VA area. They also provide information for insurance claims, professional cleaning service, rebuilding the damaged areas and updating the water proofing techniques of your home so that this does not happen again. They offer 24 hour emergency contracting services for any structure that need fixing including water damage, Sterling VA area.

There are 3 categories given to assess the extent of water damage, all of which Disaster Response Inc. can help you fix. These are important because they can help determine what kind of water damage repair and water removal techniques to be used.
1. Category 1 refers to clean water damage. This means that the water that got your things soaked came from a clean water source such as a sink that has overflown or water from the washing machine got out somehow and flooded the washroom. This means the water is not a direct threat to humans. They can touch the items that were damaged by the water safely without needing any professional help.

2. Category 2 is called grey water. Grey water means that the water that has damaged the area is contaminated with sickness inducing bacteria. This could mean that the water came from a broken toilet or flooded drainage. The water from these sources is full of harmful bacteria that can cause sickness when touched or ingested. If this is the cause of your house water damage, do not try to clean the area without using any safety devices like gloves and rubber boots. Throw away any item that has been damaged by the water immediately.

3. Category 3 is aptly called black water because the water that damaged your home is unsanitary. Do not attempt to clean or return to your home without enlisting professionals to go through the damage as this kind of water damage could be a serious threat to your health. The source of the water that damaged your home could have come from the sewers, contaminated water, and chemically induced water. They could contain pee from rats which can cause leptospirosis when it comes in contact with open wounds.

Whether the water damage to your home is small or big, it is important to know the water source in order to determine what kind of repair and restoration techniques to apply. It is always best to seek professional help to make sure that the water damage, Sterling VA is fixed correctly.

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