Water Damage Restoration VA

Water Damage Restoration VA – What to Expect from a Company

The water has subsided and it is time for you to pick up a water damage restoration VA company. Know what to expect from the company. At the very least, those guys should be competent enough to handle the situation and able to bring back the entire thing to its former glory. Here are things to serve your guide.

Prompt Service

A caring water-damage-restoration company does not delay things because they know everything is urgent. Also, over-the-phone assessment is a big no-no in the industry.

Water Damage Restoration Service Equipment

You probably have no knowledge about the equipment they will be bringing in. This is a quick rundown.
• Air Mover – This a high-velocity instrument that removes high-volumes of water from surfaces.
• Dehumidifier – A dehumidifier is used to remove significant amounts of water from the entire structure.
• Water Extractor – This one is used for removal of large volumes of standing water.
• Air Scrubbers – Air scrubbers eliminate odors, mold spores and airborne elements. They are used after the clean-up and remediation operations have been done.
• Wet/Dry Vacuums – for cleaning surfaces
• Measuring Instruments – These are essentials instruments to measure things like electrical loads, moisture levels and presence of air particles.
• Personal Protection Equipment – used to protect workers from potential hazards – hardhats, gloves, face masks, etc.

Water Damage Restoration VA – Technical Expertise

The government has a set criteria for training water damage restoration for individuals and teams. Areas to specialize in are sterilization, drying, deodorization, sanitation and drying items for storage. They must also be able to determine if an item is salvageable or if repair cost exceeds the item’s present value.

Water Damage Restoration VA – Water Damage Classifications

There are four classifications for water damage. Class 1 damage means the damage is minimal, like the carpets getting wet. Class 2 damage when the water rose to about 2 feet. For Class 3, water has submerged the entire room reaching to the ceiling. In Class 4, same situation with Class 3 with a difference that water has stayed long enough to soak through the hard materials like bricks, hardwood, concrete stone, plaster, etc.

Quick Assessment

You can perform your own quick assessment of the situation. From there, assess the cost as well. The current average cost in the US for an area of 100-sq.-ft. is more or less $1000. There are sales taxes on the equipment. Charges may also apply for improvement done on water and electrical systems in compliance with the local government code. Make your water damage restoration VA company aware that you know the difference between a mediocre and a well-done job.

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