Water Damage Restoration Sterling VA

Before you call a water damage restoration Sterling VA company, arm yourself with a lot of knowledge – not only about getting the best company this side of Virginia, but also about average cost and appropriate technical expertise.

Water Damage Restoration Sterling VA – US average cost

The average cost in the United States is determined by computing labor and supply costs. Maximum cost for supplies is $370, and labor usually costs $965. That would be about $1335 for a 100-square-feet job with estimated 30 hours of labor. Expect cost estimates to be between $10 – $14 per square foot.

Water Damage Restoration Cost – What’s included?

The figures above are just estimates, so clients can have a fair idea of what to expect. Should you call a company, get ready to ask questions about what is included and what is not included in the estimate.

For example, costs of transportation of technicians and delivery of materials and equipment are already included. Costs incurred in protecting existing structures, materials, finishes and components are also included. After the project is finished, they will have to clean the area and remove debris. Those are also already included in the cost estimate. Lastly, mobilization time, labor set up time and minimum-hour charges have also been already incorporated.

Items that are usually not included in the computation are the costs incurred for changing something in the house. For example, if they need to replace something in the electrical wiring, or they made improvements in the HVAC or the plumbing system to comply with the building codes. There’s also the possibility of them using a general contractor. That’s another addition. They might also charge you for the supplies’ sales tax and also for inspection and permit fees.

Water Damage Restoration VA – Liquids and Types of Damage

It may not be unusual if your restoration company starts talking about other types of damage. Usually, when they talk about categories or types of damage, what they mean is the extent of damage. Keep a close eye on those things, because they might figure out in the cost computation.

Liquids involved are categorized as clean water, grey water and dark water. A toilet overflowing with sewage is an example of dark water. Water damage is ranked from level 1 to level 4. In level 4, the water had enough time to soak into otherwise impenetrable items like hardwood.

Go beyond the cost-estimate figure, because there are companies that are too nervous to tell it all to their clients, especially for first-time clients. Tell the guys of your water damage restoration Sterling VA company that what you want to hear is how much it’s going to cost your pocket overall.

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