Water Damage Cleanup Fairfax

How to Clean Your Home after Water Damage

Companies that offer water damage cleanup Fairfax area, also provide cleanup, restoration and mold prevention to residential and commercial establishments. They also provide damage estimation and inspection that are sometimes required by insurance agencies. Their services can also be packaged together depending on the extent of the water damage cleanup. Fairfax has a fair amount of precipitation so if you are a resident of this fair city, there is a chance your home will need the services of a company that performs water damage cleanup Fairfax area.

If your area or neighborhood was devastated by a huge flood or a burst water pipe, chances are everyone in the neighborhood will be calling companies that performs water damage cleanup, Fairfax area. Because there could be too many houses that would require cleanup of water damaged parts of their homes, there’s a possibility that Fairfax water damage restoration companies could get tied up. So what can you do to clean up your home while waiting for the cleanup team to arrive?

1. Turn off all the power – if you are able to get to the power source in your house, shut it down completely. This ensures that nobody will get electrocuted should they decide to wade through the water. Water is a conductor of electricity. Wading through water while there is an open electric line could cause electrocution and even death.

2. Take photos of water damaged areas – Once you turned off the power, take photos of the water damaged areas. Your insurance may not be able to inspect your home and assess the damage immediately for your claims so it is best to take pictures as evidence of the water damage.

3. Unplug electronic appliances and remove them from the water – After you have safely turned off all the power, unplug all electronic appliances. Then remove them and other furniture you can save out of the water. The sooner you remove these items the bigger the chances you have of saving them. Do this only if the water damage came from a clean water source. If water damage resulted from flood or the water source is extremely dirty, it is best to leave the water damage cleanup, Fairfax area, to the professionals.

4. Remove the water – again, this applies to water damage where the water source is not contaminated with sewage. If there is no power, you may clear the water manually using a mop and a bucket. Mop up the water as much as you can. Use rags and old towels to soak up as much water as you can.

5. Save your valuables – check to see if there are important documents and valuables that were affected by the water damage. Remove these items from the water and try to clean them as much as you can with soap and water. For important documents, carefully lay each one out to dry. Leaving them stuck together while drying can make it harder to remove them from each other later on.

These are just a few of the things you can do to help clean up your home immediately after water damage happens. If you are still unsure of how to handle water damage cleanup, Fairfax contact Disaster Response Inc.

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