Water Damage Ashburn VA

Water Damage: A Health Hazard

Flood water and other saturating water problems can cause water damage. Ashburn, VA authorities say that water damages can pose risks to the health of the citizens. Moisture and water retention that go uncorrected or unresolved for a long time can lead to the growth and spread of germs and microorganisms that can cause diseases in humans.

A flooded and water-damaged house can become a rich breeding nest for microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and molds because these harmful microorganisms thrive and multiply rapidly in environments that are warm, moist, and humid. That is why it is crucial to clean up after every flood and ensure that the affected areas are dried up completely to prevent the growth and spread of these disease-causing agents. Even if a case of flooding is caused by a water source that is classified as “clean water,” the effect will be just the same as those caused by grey and black water sources if the flood damages are not promptly remediated, except only that the development of molds and bacteria may be slower but risky all the same. Nonetheless, drying and disinfection should be immediately done if the water source of the flooding is known to be black water; these water sources can cause rapid development and spread of harmful microorganisms. So though any water source can lead to the same end, prioritization can still be applied to appropriately remediate potential health hazards.

In terms of water damage, Ashburn VA has had a share of plenty of these. The effects can be disastrous. Harmful microorganisms tend to cultivate and multiply on wet surfaces and pockets of saturation of affected structures that are not promptly sanitized and dried up. These can spread rapidly across a room or floor of a structure, thus contaminating most parts of a building in just a matter of days. These harmful microorganisms, especially molds, can also mix in the air. If this happens, the people who inhabit or enter an infected building may inhale these harmful agents into their lungs and will cause lung problems. Molds can trigger asthma and allergy attacks, so those people with known respiratory conditions and lowered immunity can suffer greatly during aftermaths of flooding.

Flood water can also be a source of parasitic agents, according to water damage Ashburn VA teams, that can infect people and cause different sets of health problems. This is particularly common in areas affected by flooding from black water sources. Parasites can easily come in contact with human skin and begin infesting the body. Parasites are virulent causes of gastro-intestinal tract problems and some parasitic blood infections.

Besides the growth of molds, bacteria, viruses, and parasites, another health hazard that flood water may carry into buildings and houses are chemical and biological toxins that can cause various health problems in people who come in contact with the contaminated water. These toxins can be carried into buildings in floods and can contaminate the line pipes of clean water supply. So when the inhabitants of a building use the contaminated water for bathing, washing, drinking, and cooking, it will cause various health problems like skin allergies and irritations, gastro-intestinal tract problems, and some debilitating diseases.

All of these hazardous elements can affect people even during the process of cleaning and drying up. Disaster response teams are often at risk of acquiring infections while on duty because they are primarily the people who do the dirty work for the inhabitants of affected areas. That is why it is highly recommended that those who attempt to clean up after a flood should wear protective gears and clothing. Wearing masks, gloves, long garments and long boots will help prevent health compromise when dealing with water damage. Ashburn, VA teams for disaster response recommend that a total disinfection and complete drying of structures should be performed to eliminate the chances of the growth and spread of harmful agents.

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