Water Damage Arlington

3 Top Causes of Water Damage All Homeowners Must Know

Seeping and leaking water damage Arlington homes in a gradual and subtle way. The water seeps through ceilings, walls and floors, slowly eroding building materials until it comes to a point that the entire structure collapses. There is also the possibility of mold infestation. Water damage can also bring down the house value.

Every homeowner must know what the sources of seeping or leaking water are. This knowledge can help in preventing water damage. Arlington home experts came up with these top 3 causes:

• Overflowing or clogged toilets
One of the most common sources for water damage in homes comes from the bathroom. The most common source is the toilet. Water in the toilet tank is continuous. So, if there is a leak somewhere within the toilet system, water flows continuously, too. On the average, toilet failures can cost as much as $5,500.

Toilet problems, thankfully, are obvious – if a homeowner knows what to look for. Generally, the toilet overflows over the seat if it is clogged. Also, inability to flush water is an indication that something is clogging the pipes from the tank or the drainage system. Water continually leaking from the tank and into the toilet means that the pipes or the drainage is having a problem.

Also, the pipes connecting the toilet’s water tank to the main water pipes may also be a source of leaks, as seen in water pools forming at the floor around the toilet.

These problems should be addressed in a timely way. If not, serious damage can happen- and these problems are not limited to the toilet itself. Problems arising for dysfunctional toilets can involve the rest of the house as well, causing widespread water damage. Arlington homeowners are advised to inspect all the components of their toilets 2 to 3 times each year. Check the fill capacity, flush valves and water supply. Replace any damaged or worn parts immediately.

• General plumbing
The home’s overall plumbing condition can be another major source of water damage. Arlington homes usually require repair and restoration, which can reach to at least $5,000 in cost.
Homeowners should always be on the lookout for any rusted pipe sections. Rust stains are among the earliest signs that a leak is in place. Outside, the soil around the house’s foundation usually appears damp or soaking wet if there is a leak. Pipes also tend to be noisy, creating random abrasive noises.

There are so many reasons for pipe leaks. In areas with snow, frozen pipes are among the most common causes. To avoid this, homeowners are advised to open one of the house’s pipes open day and night to keep water moving through the pipes and prevent water from freezing over.

• Washing machine
Failure of the washing machine can also be a common source of water damage. Arlington homes usually have washing machines that are directly connected to the house’s main plumbing system. Leaks anywhere in the washing machine’s connections and tubes will create a continuous water drip that can seep through floors and up the walls.

There are more sources of water damage. Arlington home experts recommend that proper and regular maintenance can effectively prevent any major damage.

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