Water Damage Arlington VA

Where to Check for Water Damage?

In the event of water damage, Arlington VA experts can help you detect water damage, and provide solutions if need be. Timely detection and response are essential to saving properties and keeping things from getting worse.

Water damage may be very obvious, such as items dripping with water. Obvious signs are only seen right after water has passed through such as right after a flood or ice melt. Also, obvious water damage may only be seen in smaller items. How about covert or hidden signs of water damage? Arlington VA professional cleaners and home inspectors recommend these tips for checking homes:

• Walls
Walls and ceiling will show the earliest signs that water is seeping through the house. Actual water and moisture are often not evident until widespread damage is already present. Water stains, on the other hand, appear even when there is still minor water damage. Arlington VA home experts say that walls that have been exposed to water for quite some time will develop a swollen appearance. The wall also feels damp to the touch.

Door and window frames are also checked. Drywall should be checked for any cracks, signifying that water is starting to seep through.

• Floors
Any type of floor can suffer water damage. Arlington VA home owners should look for any signs of buckling or warping on their floors. Take careful observation of the basement floor, where all water tends to end up and pool around.

Look for dark or white stains on the floors, too. If there is carpeting, take notice of any damp areas. Also, check for a general smell of mold or dampness.

• Basement
Leakage in basements is a common problem among houses. Water seeps into the basement from various sources- from the ground or from the rest of the house. Damage often involved the walls, baseboards, furniture, and flooring. The dampness and the natural dark basement is a great place for mold growth, too, which can eventually spread throughout the house.

• Pipes
Pipes must be regularly checked for any signs of leaks. If not, it will slowly cause massive damage to the rest of the house. Check pipes in the basement, kitchen, laundry rooms and bathrooms. Observe for any signs of corrosion, which is a good indicator of water leaks. Check the caulking and grout, too. Loose or missing caulking and/or grout are indictors that leaks are present.

Also, check pipe connection, rust on tanks and for wet spots.

• Attic
The attic is also a likely water reservoir that can cause future water damage. Arlington VA homes may have leaky roofs or gutters and the water collects in the attic. Water may come from rain or snow as it melts.

Check valleys where roof planes meet. This is a natural place where water can seep through unnoticed. Flashings are also checked- where the roof meets the attic walls, around chimneys and roof vents. Check that the insulation, which should be dry.

• Exterior
Aside from checking inside the house, check the exterior as well. Take a careful look for any curled, cracked, or missing shingles. Look also for any damaged flashing.
These are basic tips in looking for signs of water damaged. Arlington VA homeowners must be vigilant to avoid costlier water repair and renovations later on.

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