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Is My Damage Covered?

Is It Covered?

Water Damage Extraction and Drying Services

Water pipes break. Basements flood. Storms cause roof leakage. Water heaters break. Drain lines clog or other plumbing emergencies. Whatever the cause, Disaster Response has the experience; technology and response times you need to restore your property and get your life back on track following flooding. Disaster Response can save you money, and we can work directly with your insurance company.

Disaster Response’s equipment and techniques dry most water damaged or flooded structures in 3 days. We provide around the clock 24/7 water damage emergency response, proven professional techniques, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. We specialize in advanced drying and dehumidification techniques, Disaster Response rapidly removes water and moisture from water damaged carpets, floors and walls – minimizing flood damage and business or home life disruption.

Disaster Response’s technicians employ specialized techniques to ensure that the area that has water damage is dried completely, and the threat of mold growth is eliminated.

Water Damage Services offered by Disaster Response include:

  • Small and Large Scale Water Damage Extraction and deflooding
  • Complete Structural Drying for water damage and flooded business and homes.
  • Advanced Dehumidification
  • Large Loss Desiccant Dehumidification for water damage and flooded business and homes.
  • Specialized Water Damaged Wood Floor Drying Equipment
  • Electronics and Contents Stabilization
  • Infection Control (Hospitals/Health Care Facilities)
  • Daily Moisture Mapping
  • Thermal Imaging for water damage and flooded structures.
  • Complete Reconstruction

Don’t Measure Dryness by Touch or Feel!

We use state-of-the-art moisture detection equipment and drying techniques ultra sonic meters and infrared cameras to detect any moisture. (Never risk your home or business to improper restoration procedures.)When moisture levels are guessed by touch or feel, you are speculating that your home is completely dry. Disaster Response uses a proven science and a system of sensors and meters that is essential to thoroughly drying and stopping microbial growth. With just one call to Disaster Response , you will have the industry’s most knowledgeable water damage restoration providers at your service.

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Residential Water Damage Restoration
Commercial Water Damage Restoration

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