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The Process of Restoration for Water Damage

Whether water damage is due to floods or leaks, restoration service companies can help. When water damage does occur, is important to obtain immediate restoration services. Arlington home experts recommend immediate action to prevent further damage and to avoid mold growths.

Molds grow rapidly, often within 48 hours after a material has come in contact with water. Also, stagnant dirty water attracts insects. It serves as breeding grounds for insects that can be harmful for health such as mosquitoes.

Aside from mold threat, the longer a structure or item sits in water or retains water, the greater the damage. The longer the delay in restoration, the more difficult it will be to restore it to its previous undamaged state. Time is of the essence.

The restoration process

Restoration services generally follow these basic steps:
1. Water removal or extraction
This is a crucial first step because before any restorative work can be done, water must be removed from the premises. This also prevents further deterioration of the water damaged material.
For this, high powered pumps are used, alongside with wet/dry vacuum cleaners. The equipment removes all excess water from the restoration area. For small leaks, wet/dry vacuum pumps may be enough.
During this step, all carpeting materials, furniture and any other items that can be conveniently carried out of the area are removed. These will be cleaned and dried to prevent further water damage and mold growth.
2. Structural drying
After everything that can be removed is taken away from the area and excess water is removed, the next step starts. In this step of restoration services, Arlington professionals will use heavy duty industrial fans to dry the ceiling walls, window frames, door frames and other structures. Strategic placement of these fans will ensure that every nook and cranny is thoroughly dried.
3. Cleaning and mold prevention
After every square inch of the area is completely dried, the entire space is cleaned to prevent any mold growth. Special mold detergents and cleaners are used. Special focus is placed on areas that have been submerged in water. Even the areas that were directly submerged are also cleaned. Aside from removing any remnants of molds and its spores, cleaning also removes any unpleasant odors resulting from water damage loss event.
4. Restoration
This is the final step in restoration services. Arlington professionals will complete the job and restore visibly damaged structures. This may include rebuilding walls, ceilings and floors.

Replacement of water-logged and unsalvageable door and window frames are also included, depending on the needs. Roof and ceiling repairs are also done, as needed. Retiling and repainting can also be availed.

While all these can be availed of with restoration services, Arlington companies would have to assess first which services are applicable and which ones aren’t. After all, not all houses have the same needs from restoration services. Arlington homes have unique needs and service companies are willing to provide as needed services.

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