Mold Removal Washington DC

Mold Removal

In mold inspection and removal, Washington DC property owners regard Disaster Response Inc as the industry leader. Our qualified microbial remediation technicians use the most effective methods for eradicatingMold Removal mold. Our team is equipped with the latest equipment and highly trained for mold removal. Once we are through, we provide you a program of containment.

Mold Removal Services

  • Free no obligation on-site estimate
  • High standards of services
  • Water intrusion assessments
  • Decontamination
  • Environmental monitoring

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Our technicians have received all the schooling for mold testing and removal, and they have proven knowledge to do the job successfully. If it is toxic mold, our technicians will perform all needed protocol while the removal. We will work with third party environmental specialists for post-abatement clearance testing and establishing the quality of work.

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