Mold Inspection Northern VA

The Necessity of Mold Inspection

Mold inspection northern va should be done to verify if your home is free from moisture and the presence of harmful mold and mildew. Leave mold inspection in the hands of an expert who searches out for mold growth in your home or building. The reasons for this inspection include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • When someone in your home or building has suffered an allergic reaction which can come in the form of sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and skin irritation;
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  • When a previous mold treatment has been performed and a verification is needed to ensure that the growth of mold and mildew has been completely addressed and that no residual growth is left;
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  • When a confirmation that there is no existing moisture or mold growth is required prior to renting or buying a new home or office space.
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  • When there is a water damage problem in the area, such as leaky roofs and pipes, to ensure that there is no trapped moisture.

Qualified mold growth assessment experts who have undergone formal training and have extensive experience in the field do inspections and verifications. Mold inspections cannot simply be done by ordinary people or just by looking closely at something. For example, just because you don’t see any trace of mold growth doesn’t mean there is none. Or just because you see a small trace of mold patches doesn’t mean that there is an infestation.

Mold inspection northern va experts painstakingly search out evidence of previous or recent mold growth. Mold growth may even be traced to a recurring leak and other water damage conditions.
It is important that mold inspection northern va to conduct evaluations to ensure that the health of residents is not at risk. Some people become desensitized to mold. It is imperative that a meticulous inspection should be done within the walls, floors and ceilings. Every nook and cranny should be checked for undesirable growth. Wood furniture and fixtures should also be inspected because mold can thrive grow in wood decay.

Some molds do not cause structural and health issues so you may find that growths of these kinds can be considered normal. Molds that thrive on lumber and wood sap die once the wood is dried and treated but they leave a black stain. If it is this kind of mold, it is not as harmful to people.

Mold growth remediation specialists not only look for mold growth but also for moisture sources. They know that mold grows where water or moisture is and where there is no water or moisture, you will have no mold. It is imperative that the source of the moisture is addressed, repaired or removed. If the source is not eliminated and you only treat the mold that is present, you will find that mold will just grow back again in time. It is like cutting the tree at its root to make sure that it dies. Mold inspection northern va ensures that when treating mold problems, the root cause is addressed so you will have long-lasting effects and not just remediation efforts.

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