Mold Inspection in VA

The process of mold inspection in va is mostly the same for all professionals performing mold inspection. The set of guidelines that they follow are aimed at ensuring that they thoroughly inspect any mold infested area and provide a plan on how they can remove these molds. Their process also involves post cleanup inspections that are vital to ensuring that all the molds are removed.

The simple steps in mold inspection in va are outlined below:

Step 1: Gathering Information

Before anything else, the va mold inspection team would ask you a series of questions all aimed at getting to the root cause of the mold. They may even give you questionnaires to fill out. Expect the team from va inspecting the mold problem to sit you down and ask questions about when you started noticing the mold growing, or how long has it been in your house. These questions will help them determine how much the molds have grown. They can also ask you if you have experienced water leaks, previous flooding inside the house and other water damage related incidents that have happened over the last few months. They will ask if there are any changes in the household routine that can affect the increase of mold.

Step 2: Physical Inspection

The next step is to go to the affected area and visually see the mold damage. In this step, the team of professionals will use devices like hydrometers to measure the amount of moisture inside the affected area or laser thermometers to check the temperatures of the surfaces affected by the mold. These and other hi-tech gadgets are used to detect the presence of moisture and mold on any surface of the room. Physical inspection also means taking photos of the affected areas.

Step 3: Taking a Sample

There are various kinds of molds known to man. Knowing what kind of mold they are dealing with can greatly increase the chance of making a solution that can eliminate these molds completely. The team handling mold inspection in va will also sample mold spore counts inside and outside the house. This will determine which parts of the house had the mold spores gone into. During this step, companies also try and seal off the area where most of the molds are located in order to prevent the spread of mold spores throughout the house.

Step 4: Analyzing the Samples

The team will then take these samples back to their lab or if they have a mobile lab nearby, they can analyze these samples there. The samples will help determine the extent of mold spores in the house. It is based on this analysis that the team can determine what kind of mold remediation process they can use.

Step 5: Reporting and Work Estimation

After the team has determined the extent of mold damage in your house, they can recommend ways on how they can remove and clean up your house. They can also give you the work estimate of the things they need in order to rid your house of these molds. Most process of mold inspection in va ends here as the next step already involves mold removal.

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