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Most of the time, water damaged structures call for mold remediation. Northern VA has plenty of water damage professionals that offer excellent mold remediation services. Even a house that was once a warm family home can become home to disease-causing molds after a storm or flood. The drastic increase in humidity and moisture retention after a flood can turn any structure into a rich breeding ground for molds and other microorganisms. Though you try your best to dry up every corner of the affected areas or rooms, there will still be some stubborn amount of moisture that will linger within the structure. That is why professional mold remediation, Northern VA recommends, should be a crucial part of your water damage restoration efforts.

Molds can start growing and spreading in just a few days after a flood and often starts in the spaces that are hard to see and reach. This is a usual case wherein a room may look physically clean and dry on the outside, but the spaces behind the walls are actually filled with moisture where mold colonies can thrive and multiply rapidly. To ensure effective mold remediation, Northern VA water damage professionals should be hired to check a structure for any moisture retention within the spaces of the building or house.

Hiring professional help is recommended because certified mold remediation professionals are the ones who are more adequately trained and equipped to perform procedures in mold remediation when mold growth is till imminent after a thorough clean up. These professionals diligently perform the following responsibilities to remedy mold problems:

– Identify sources of moisture
– Evaluate visible and suspected mold growth
– Contain or limit the damages to the minimum
– Remove physical contamination
– Dry affected materials completely to prevent mold growth from recurring
– Restore the affected materials’ pre-loss condition if possible

Aside from observing and fulfilling these responsibilities, mold remediation professionals are also guided by the major principles that were set by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification):

1. Appropriate safety and health precautions should be properly ensured and observed by the professionals and occupants when performing the clean-up process. Mold-contaminated structures and materials can pose health risks, so the IICRC requires that the recommended precautions are enforced.
2. Set up for a post-cleanup assessment by consulting with an independent environmental expert. It is highly recommended by the IICRC that remediation processes should be appropriately documented by an assigned project management.
3. Prompt mold control should be performed to prevent further spreading. Mold spores can mix with the air and affect the health of inhabitants if the mold growth is not promptly contained and eliminated.
4. Ensure that physical mold removals are well supervised. Physical mold removal is required to make sure that these harmful agents do not spread further; simply wiping and disinfecting the surfaces alone may not be adequate enough.
5. Moisture control must be ensured to prevent recontamination. Any remaining moisture inside the materials will always be a suitable ground for mold growth, so it is imperative that the affected areas’ moisture sources must be determined and thoroughly dried.

These responsibilities and principles are keys to effective mold remediation. Northern VA’a Disaster Response Inc abides by these principles to ensure that they provide the best and most effective services.

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