Sterling Fire Restoration

Sterling Fire Restoration – General Tips

The Disaster Response Inc, Sterling fire restoration company, puts prime importance in prompt service and in giving attention to details, which was learned from customer feedback. Thanks to those who made time to share their personal experience, the company was able to improve it’s services. As a gesture of goodwill and gratitude, we are sharing these to-do tips, cleaning tips, and tips on insurance matters.

Right after the fire – don’t panic

First, stay calm during and after a fire. Regardless of what kind of fire it is, it can be an apartment fire or something minor like mulch fire, one has to stay calm. Keep your cool and analyze everything that you need to do.

Check the electrical and the water systems. Water pipes may be broken and there may be some exposed electrical wires. If something inside is soaked with liquid, most probably there is a leaking pipe. Call for electrical service when you see a cut on a wire or the lights wouldn’t turn on. Get out of the house and wait for the professionals to come.

Check also for structural integrity – inspect wooden beams, walls and floors. Check through burned paints and broken tiles to see through the structure. Vacate the place if you suspect serious damage.

Fire restoration Sterling: Cleaning

Sterling fire restoration tips for cleaning include:
• Use a chemical sponge to clean soot from surfaces. You may use mild paint thinner and rubbing alcohol for this particular task, but take proper caution because they can be toxic when mixed with other chemicals.
• Foot traffic in the house encourage spreading of dust and soot particles, so you should keep them to a minimum. Move light but valuable things outside, such as carpets and upholstery.
• Turn off the electrical supply. Empty freezers and refrigerators, and leave their doors open. Check your HVAC system and replace the filters if necessary.
• Designate an area outside for everything made of fabric. Bed accessories, curtains, placemats and table covers should go to that place. These things must be properly deodorized before washing.

Fire Restoration Company in Sterling Virginia – Insurance Matters

Time to talk to your home insurance company. Make sure to perform things to “mitigate damage”. Interventions to mitigate damage include actions to protect damaged and undamaged properties. Do remember that the insurance company will not include any damage to your property incurred after the fire.

The insurance company will ask about what you did during the fire, so you had better get your stories straight. It may cast doubts on your intentions if you didn’t call the fire department while the fire was going on.

Secure your property before you go to a hotel or run to a relative for temporary shelter.

Your Participation

Notice that your participation is very important. You can help mitigate the damage and prevent injury if you are calm enough to run things appropriately. To be vigilant is your ticket to an easy insurance claim. Do what you can do now. You can leave the rest of the job to your Sterling fire restoration company.

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