Basement Waterproofing Arlington VA

Basement Waterproofing Can Save Your Home

If you have been plagued with flooding, water damage and that awful damp basement smell, Disaster Response Inc’s basement waterproofing, Arlington VA can be the answer to your prayers. Because your basement is submerged or built below ground level, water from the outside or from the soil could leach into the walls of your basement and ultimately cause water damage. The water that leaches into the walls could cause cracks in the foundation of your home and could damage it in the long run. Basement waterproofing is the process of ensuring water does not get into the basement of your home as much as possible. That could mean adding drainages and sealing walls and floors to ensure that water does not get in. It could also mean adding ventilation and sump pumps. Don’t be tempted to perform basement waterproofing on your own. The professional contractors of Disaster Response can help you with basement waterproofing, Arlington VA area.

When building a new house with a basement, engineers already take into consideration how to prevent water from entering the basement. But if you have purchased or are living in an old house that doesn’t have basement waterproofing, Arlington VA is where the house was build and the soil underneath your house is mostly damp, it could be time to hire professionals to look into waterproofing your basement.

To determine whether your basement is leaching with water, check the surface of the walls and floors. Notice if there are white powdery substances clinging to the tiny cracks on the walls or the floors. This means that the water has leached into the concrete and has dried out. Another way is to feel how damp the air is in the basement. If you can smell that distinct smell of wet soil, chances are the water from the soil surrounding your basement is getting in.

Waterproofing your basement can be expensive but could save your house in the long run. It could prevent water from leaching into the walls and the ceilings. Water getting into concrete walls could cause cracks into it and could make them crumble if exposed to water long enough. Waterproofing also ensures that if you are in the basement, there is little chance that you will get flooded in.

Waterproofing your basement is also an important aspect of mold remediation as it prevents molds from growing and multiplying. When there is no water to make them grow, molds will not thrive.

Molds can cause skin rashes, dermatitis, asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses. Basement waterproofing gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your home will not be filled by these sickness inducing molds.

Disaster Response’s team of experts on basement waterproofing, Arlington VA area is well equipped to help you with all your basement waterproofing needs. They have tools and means to assess what sort of solution your basement needs in order for it to be waterproofed. It could be something as simple as sealing walls, ceilings and floors or something more large scale like installing exterior waterproofing or additional drainage. They can also assess the quality of the soil and the waterbed below the surface to determine whether your home is standing on a place where there is potential soil erosion. Making the decision to get Disaster Response Inc to perform basement waterproofing, Arlington VA area, would be beneficial to your family.

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